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"My paintings of Cornish coastlines are developed as a result of many hours spent walking through and observing this rich landscape.."

"There is no doubt that the time Amanda has spent out on the coastline exploring and recording an infinite number of coves, estuaries, coastal paths and islands over the years has enabled her to have an unrivalled understanding of Cornwall’s dramatic landscape."

Henry Garfit, Director of Newlyn School of Art.

about amanda

Amanda's early career was spent working as a wildlife illustrator in London, painting in great detail she learnt her subject well, yet  in the early 1990's on her return to live in Cornwall, an interest in painting Landscapes began to grow. Focusing on skies and the Cornish coast, Amanda experimented with various techniques and mediums  working in a more expressive and fluid way, paying close attention to detail of light, she soon found her own impressionistic style that  her work is known for  today.

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